Technically speaking we do not offer any product for sale. However since we are in the business of real estate closings, we arrangeĀ Title Insurance from various leading Title Insurance companies. We are registered with three Title Insurance companies

These companies offer following products and policies

  • New home Title Insurance for the home owners and mortgagees
  • Existing home owners policy
  • Title Policies for Commercial purchases and mortgages
  • Title Policies for refinance of residential and commercial units for the mortgagees
  • Title Policies for purchases chattels

We at Woodwal Law Office, have expertise to select, advise and arrange the title insurance according to the specific needs of the clients. We work very closely with the Title Insurance Companies and tailor the most optimum policies for our clients.

If you are an existing home owner and do not have your title risk covered, kindly call us to inquire and arrange a title insurance for you.

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